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  • How Long Does The Spark Effect Last?
    Our Cold Spark Fountain System provides you with up to (15) minutes of use in roughly (90) second intervals. If you would like more then (15) minutes of use inquire about our easy onsite refill option and get an additional (15) minutes of use!
  • How High Is The Spark Fountain Effect?
    Our indoor system emits a spark fountain of up to 10' and our outdoor system emits a spark fountain of up to 16'! The Cold Spark Fountain heights can also be customized to meet specific needs.
  • Are They Safe To Use Indoors?
    Yes! Our Cold Spark Fountains are safe to use indoors! They do not emit any odor, limited to no smoke, or carbon dioxide. They also do not produce heat unlike traditional pyrotechnic devices.
  • I Do Not Live Close To Hawaii - Do You Travel?
    Absolutely! For events that are not located in the Hawaiian Islands we do have a minimum order of (6) units. However, as long as you are renting (6) or more units for your special event we do not charge any travel fees! That's right, just rent (6) units and we will come to you!
  • How Loud Are The Cold Spark Fountains?
    Our Cold Spark Fountains are not very noisy at all especially in comparison to other pyrotechnic effect machines. Our machines use heated granules, not exploding material.
  • Is There Any Fallout Or Residue From The Machine?
    During operation our Cold Spark Fountains do produce a small amount of dust from the granules that generate the sparks. This dust can easily be swept or blown away and does not cause any harm to hard surfaces or human skin.
  • Can My Guests Get Burned By The Sparks?
    No! Our Cold Spark Fountains produce a spark with an average temperature of 62 degrees fahrenheit which feels cool to the touch and is not a burn or fire hazard. However, we do require a three foot exclusion zone around our fountains and ask that your guests not touch the special effect.
  • Will The Cold Spark Fountains Set Off The Fire Alarm?
    No! Unlike a fog machine or traditional pyrotechnics, our Cold Spark Fountains produce little to no smoke and no heat at all. Therefore, the units are completely safe to use indoors and will not set off any traditional smoke or fire alarms.
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