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Cold Spark Fountains

Reinventing The
WOW Experience


No Fire Or

Burn Hazard

Our Cold Spark Fountain system projects a fountain of cold sparks up to 16' in the air! The cold sparks burn at a temperature of 62 degrees F which means there is zero burn or fire hazard. This means that we do not need a large exclusion zone for safety and can place the Cold Spark Fountains right where the action is to produce any desired effect! 

Safe For

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Are you looking for a breathtaking indoor fireworks display? If so, then you have come to the right place. Our indoor system emits cold sparks up to 10' in the air which are not subject to catching fire and are completely safe to be used indoors. Looking for an amazing outdoor pyrotechnic display? Our outdoor system emits cold sparks up to 16' in the air! Whether your event is indoors our outdoors - we have you covered!


No Smoke

Or Odor

One of the main reasons people choose Cold Spark Fountains is that our system produces very little smoke and NO odor. This is unheard of within the pyrotechnics industry. The granules used in our machines have no explosive content and utilize a state of the art cold fusion technology.



Our Cold Spark Fountains use an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous granulated compound in a patented process to create a shower of cold sparks. The powder is comprised of naturally occurring mineral compounds and does not ignite like traditional 


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Sparklers Like You've
Never Seen Before

Our Cold Spark Fountain system produces a dynamic and non-hazardous effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics. Imagine a spectacular fountain of firework sparkles to highlight your grand entrance, cake cutting, first dance and or sparkler exit......maybe a new product launch, conference or stage performance or energizing a morning meeting - the options are endless! Our state of the art indoor/outdoor fountains will provide the spectacular WOW factor you are looking for without the traditional risk associated with pyrotechnics. Cold sparks means no fire, no heat, no smoke and completely compliant with all event venue regulations.


“We used Cold Spark Fountains for our wedding and I am SO happy we did! Our guests were blown away with our first dance and we even had them move them for our sparkler send off. Highly recommend! .”

Katy R.

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